Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Turns 3 to 11

I have to admit that my good intentions regarding a decent battle report haven't been matched by my abilities as a reporter. The truth is that I allowed myself to become too involved in the game and consequently had to be regularly reminded by the others that I was supposed to be taking notes. We're now up to turn 11 and the detail is a little sparse. Therefore I'll have to use what few notes I have and invent the bits in between. To be honest it's unlikely anyone including those playing will know the difference. The picture
above shows the general advance of the allies in an attempt to pin the French position, Russians in the foreground, Prussians (still on tiles) in the centre and at the far end the Austrians, already hotly engaging the French left. By turn 5 the Austrians had seized the village on the French left and were regrouping for a concerted effort to force them back towards the centre of their position. Meanwhile Dom, in charge of the French in that area was reduced to throwing out sacrificial battalions in a vain effort to buy enough time to form a new defensive line.
The shot on the left shows the sad demise of one such battalion, caught by two well supported Austrian 48 man battalions it was all but cut down and the ensuing rout led to the square behind also being caught. In the centre the Prussians began to put pressure on the sparse line to their front as more and More French troops were shifted to help support the left. The situation on the French right was no more encouraging and their commander Nick, decided to vacate the defended village rather than face the close range fire of a Russian 6 gun battery. This however unpinned that part of the line and allowed the Russians to advance relatively unmolested. As this took part over a period of a couple of weeks the French were forced to change some of their commanders around due to people being unavailable. The new French commander to face the Russians, Neil Braddon, decided to be more aggresssive and launched a strong counter attack which resulted in a bloody draw with both sides being forced back to lick their wounds.
Left is a part of the Prussian advance in the centre, here it was a little more nip and tuck for the allies as the French were defending a walled enclosure with skirmish buildings. The initial Prussian assault failed to go in and they are presently reforming for another attack. On the allied right however all goes well and the French if not in headlong retreat are reeling from a succesion of assaults with little chance to reorganise. We will be resuming and possibly concluding the game on thursday so still a little more to come yet.
As a weak excuse for my lack of entries on the blog of late I have been very busy at work and have also just returned from an excellent long weekend at the WHC as a guest of Gerry and Anne Elliott in celebration of Gerry's 50th birthday. However that deserves a seperate blog entry when I recieve the photos which were taken.

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