Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kirkee Day

I think I promised at some earlier stage in the blog to show a few shots of the 15mm stuff laid out prior to being sold. This is quite fortunate as we won't all be in the garage again until tomorrow evening and even then we may not end up with a game being played. There are still quite a few jobs that need to be finished off.
The picture above shows the majority of the Austrians which along with the Russians will make up the first batch to go. This next one shows the Russians in the foreground with the Austrians behind them and the French on the right of the table. Having seen these shots I'm almost wondering why we're selling them but I'm sure that this will pass once we start using the 28mm stuff again. Speaking of which I'm planning to do a turn by turn report on our next game, supported of course by lots of photos, the orbat and any briefings. Personally I always find these type of reports to be the most interesting and enjoyable thing to read about in wargaming. I vaguely remember reading the stories of Chas Grant and his son, and their fictional 18th century campaign and always wished that I could do something similar. So I'll be unleashing my particular brand of combat journalism on an unsuspecting world, (well the handful of people that read this blog at any rate), in the near future. The last photo shows 28mm Prussians painted by Neil Sheardown which I've added solely because I think It's a great picture. Unfortunately for these brave lads, having stormed over the wall they are about to recieve a devasting volley from a battalion of French veterans, shades of Gettysburg maybe?
Finally, an explanation of the title for this blog entry, To the uninitiated tonight is bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night. However to a select group of old comrades of mine and to those who have gone before or arrived since, it is also Kirkee Day. It's the day when members of 79 (Kirkee) Cdo Bty RA celebrate their battle honour awarded on this date in 1817. The Battery is currently on it's second Afghanistan tour, so to all members past and present, a happy Kirkee day, and may you have many more.


Chris Cornwell said...

That is a lot of 15mm figures...but...they are 15mm

BFG said...

Flippin 'eck!

Ged Elliott said...

Have you thought of taking a section of blogs from written up battles and send them to WI with the pictures.