Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Painting and stuff!!

OK so here is a short introduction, God knows why because the only people reading this no full well who I am... any way I'm Julian Waters.

I enjoy painting figures and find it relaxing after a day looking at a PC screen. I’m not a professional painter and don’t profess to be, I just thought it would be good to chat about painting and to pass on a few tips and possible receive some. As Noel has pointed out several times I’m not the most prolific painter [or blogger] but I am passionate about painting and hope the end results are good. The images throughout this post are of figures I have painted for friends...

I was recently at the War games Holiday Centre with the guys and I saw some figures painted by Neil Sheardown and thought they were great. But one of the things I just can’t get my head around is how fast he can churn out these high quality figures. I’m a steady 1 Battalion a year man whilst Neal seems to be able to paint 400 a month, ok maybe not 400 but LOTS!

So I decided to look at the way I paint to see if there were any things I could change that would allow me to paint a little faster and yet still keep the enjoyment factor [as primarily that why I do it] and the quality.

So the next few posts from me will be about this, I hope you enjoy them.


Noel said...

Nice post Mr Witts, You've set the scene and we're now all waiting with baited breath for the next installment.
How come you now have two contributor spots?

BFG said...

Excellent paint jobs matey!!