Sunday, 12 October 2008

Leipzig 3

The Leipzig game came to an early if not altogether unexpected end on Thursday night, and in truth I have to say that I was quite pleased that it did. As a game it was fine, Eric our resident viking had put a fair amount of effort into producing a balanced and challenging scenario and the game flowed well with surprises for both sides. However having played exclusively with 28mm figures for the past two years I found the 15mm stuff fiddly and a bit uninspiring. This is not to say that I look down my nose at 15mm figures, I've had some great games using them and they allow you to field very large numbers at a reasonable price. I can't however escape from the fact that I would rather play a game with 20 battalions a side in 28mm than one with 50 battalions a side in 15mm. I suppose it's mostly down to aesthetics as I'm a sucker for nicely painted Napoleonic units, but there's also the fact that the odd millimetre or two isn't usually such a big deal when you're dealing with musket ranges of 16 inches.
So why did it all end prematurely? Well as previously mentioned this game had been planned as the last one for our 15mm collection before consigning it to ebay and using the money gained to buy more 28mm stuff. Unfortunately due to holidays at the WHC and some unforseen occurences it got delayed by several weeks. We then had some interest from an old wargaming friend of ours who wanted to buy a large portion of the figures at a reasonable price. We therefore halted the game and got the figures laid out for him to be able to make us an offer. I was surprised at the number of figures, 54 battalions of Russians, 40 or more Austrians and we haven't totalled up the French, British, Spanish and Prussians yet. On top of that goes the cavalry, artillery and skirmishers making a tidy number.
I've added a couple of pictures from the game, the top one shows the position on the allied left flank after the Austrians led by Neil (rules lawyer) Braddon ousted the Poles from their defensive position. The position was stabilised for the French later by the defeat of the Russian Corp supporting the Austrian right. The second picture shows Dom's Prussians advancing on to the back table on the Allied right. To the left Andy practises his technique for loitering in wardrobes while Justin (centre) demonstrates his ability to simultaneously insert a finger up each nostril.

Well that's all for this post, I'm off to Bristol for the next three weeks on a training course, returning only at weekends so blogging will be sporadic. That said I'm hoping to have a painting guide by Julian Watts to publish sometime during the present decade. So keep an eye open for that.


BFG said...

Where have all the 28mm's gone chaps......more photo's of these please!

BFG said...

Who the heck is Julian Wattes!

BFG said...

Oh and Happy Birthday to me!

Noel said...

Happy Birthday indeed BFG, You'll have to speak to Julian about his surname. That is of course once you've sobered up sufficiently.

BFG said...

Still not sober!!!!

Alex said...

Hi all I am Alex from Scarborough and I have just found this site whilst surfing on the net. I have been a Napoleonic Wargamer for 30+ years and I would like to know from Noel, if I knew him in the good old day of 'lets get naked' as Billy ?
Regards from an ex Commando Chef