Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Torgau 1816

Day one of the battle of Torgau, Philip (one "L" I'm not bloody French you know!) Marshall, took delivery of these very nice Saxon infantry from Neil Sheardown and very magnanimously allowed the French to use them against us allies. In this battle the allies were on the defensive and we were surprised by the presence of the Old Guard and the Guard cavalry.
The French pushed hard on their right slowly forcing the allies back whilst the allies could only slowly make headway against the French left due to the large numbers of French heavy cavalry.
Left is a view of Hills' excellent infantry pushing warily forward in the face of cuirassier and a nasty little horse battery. The rally sticker to the rear indicates the spot where the remaning 8 men from a 40 man elite battalion rediscovered the will to fight after being broken by two squadrons of cuirassier. In the distance Russian infantry ably directed by Herbert Von Gratz force the French back. However it was all to no avail as the wily French forced back the allied left creating a big enough hole to start feeding through the Guard cavalry. The coup de grace was then administered by the blokes in bearskins with a well timed drive through the centre of our position. It was 1-0 to the French but at the cost of much of their heavy cavalry, a loss which would come back to bite them on the arse later in the week.
This final picture shows the Guard cavalry as it passes by the remains of a Prussian foot battery forcing its way into the left flank of the allies. This flank had been held by Tauntziens corps (10 bns 2nd class and 10 bns Landwehr) which proved to be no match for them despite Paul Hookways dogged defence.


NeilB said...

this is my fourth attempt at leaving a comment.... and they are getting shorter!!

Campaign sounds and looks good - think we should mod its army lists and use it at the garage.

Will mail you seperate about this week and if you got stuff etc....


Truegrit said...

Torgau, now that was a fun battle... a crushing defeat for the Allies.

its always a great laugh during our week but this year was Particularly good.

Oh and love the blog m8


BFG said...

Nice one mate, love the pictures and the narration, all good.

Love Napoleon of Torgau

BFG said...

That last post should have read, Lots of Love from the Napoleon of Torgau!!

parisitiger said...

thanks for comments garage blogger.

The Guard Cavalry, was that the same Guard Cavalry that dissapeared with the Bavarians on day 2 or Day 3, and where last seen running past the sylvern on their way north ?

keep it going garageblogger figs to Steve in time for you to pick up in December.

That Fool Foot said...

Looking good , Nice picks and good to see narrative to go with it...

...so much better than that fool Foots blog thing - now deleted.