Monday, 22 September 2008

The Prodigal Returns

I'm finally back from Folkton after another excellent week at the Wargames Holiday Centre. The Picture is from the third battle we fought and shows the Old Guard manfully advancing behind their deployed 12lb foot batteries to strike through the centre of the allied position, well that was the plan. But more of that in later posts. I have so many pictures taken by Chris Cornwell, (Bernard to his friends) that I've decided to spread them over a week or so in order to try and tell what I can remember of the games. The basic premise was one in which Napoleon won at Waterloo and was joined by the devious Dutch-Belgians and the ever fickle confederation states in another attempt to cause havoc throughout Europe. Ranged against him were the Austrians, Russians and Prussians with a small but extremely good British contingent. The whole campaign was organised by Stephen Scott and worked brilliantly.
The idea was to have a basic army list from which each side could choose forces to be at two separate though simultaneous battles, Torgau and Cheminitz. The result of these battles would then decide which forces were available for the final showdown.

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