Thursday, 11 September 2008

Off to Scarborough

Well I won't be posting for another week or so as tomorrow I set off for a week at the Wargames Holiday Centre in Scarborough. I'm spending the weekend at a friends' house in Basingstoke and on Saturday we're off to "Colours 2008" where I'll be perusing the bring and buy for any additions to the garage. Then on Sunday we meet up with a couple of the others who make up our annual dozen players and take a leisurely drive up the M1. This year we're doing an 1816 (yes 1816!) campaign based on the premise that the French got lucky at Waterloo.
I've been going to the WHC at least once a year since the early eighties and I never get over the buzz you get when you first walk into the bunker and see the terrain laid out on the tables. In many ways it was both an inspiration and disincentive for my own personal wargaming. The truth was that having played there I was spoiled and couldn't get into the idea of games at a local club which had to be over in an evening. However when the opportunity came along to build my own mini WHC I jumped at the chance and received plenty of help and advice from both Mike and Gerry who run the place. If you've ever fancied a visit and haven't got around to it or if you have any interest in large scale games with a group of like minded individuals I would whole heartedly recommend that you give it a try. Anyway for this post I've decided to go for a couple of pics from the WHC to underline my point.
The first one shows the initial set up for the battle of Leipzig, French on the right, Allies on the left.
This next one is taken from the other end of the table and shows the action hotting up around Leipzig itself. The Russians and Prussians push hard to break through on the left and in the background a division of the Young Guard head out in column to help stem the tide.

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