Sunday, 28 September 2008

Foreign Troops

What with the WHC last week and unforseen events this week there's been no further progress in the Leipzig game. So I thought I'd show a few shots of some of the other figures in the garage. These Austrian infantry are part of an order that I sent to Sri Lanka to be painted. The service was in general good despite overly optimistic delivery times and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who's not in too much of a hurry. The order was for 4 x 48 man and 2 x 36 man Austrian infantry battalions and including the cost of shipping the figures out they came to about £2 a figure.
I chose Austrians as they are a pain to paint with their mostly white uniforms and large battalions. The next order has already been despatched, a division of Young Guard which went as part of a much larger order by Joe Dever which should help to keep shipping costs down. Following that it will probably be another Austrian division, most likely German. The painting service sends you a photograph of the first figure in each unit in case you want any changes made and once you are happy does the remainder in the same fashion.


Ged Elliott said...

Are they from Mr Kenneally?

Noel said...

No I think he's based in Bangladesh, these are from Fernado Enterprises.