Friday, 5 September 2008

First Game

Well, here I am looking suitably smug standing next to the terrain for our first game. At this stage we had only made enough terrain boards to cover one table, though this wasn't a major problem as the number of troops available at the moment is also limited.
The boards are made from chipboard covered with a mix which we refer to as gloop made from sawdust, PVA glue and paint. Hills are cut from high density polystyrene and roads are made from Polyfilla. The gloop takes a while to dry but when it does it's rock hard, it's then painted dark green and highlighted with a lighter green followed by yellow.
The one problem I've had has been warping. Despite sealing the boards prior to using them and buying a dehumidifier to cut down moisture absorption some of the boards came to look like components for a skateboard ramp. However by the judicious use of clamps the problem has now been mostly rectified.
The skirmisher buildings in the foreground are scratch builds based on ones from the WHC and the trees are a mix of shop bought ones and our own attempts at making them from rubberised horse hair.

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