Saturday, 6 September 2008

The Armies

I thought it might be a good idea to showcase the work of some of the people who've painted units for the various armies. Above is a very nice battalion of Poles painted by Justin Davey, Justin has also painted all of the French Cavalry along with various command figures. At the moment there are two more battalions in the pipeline which will bring me up to five, but I intend to expand them to eventually have a division of Poles and a Vistula division, along with their supporting cavalry and artillery.

Next is a particular favourite of mine, Russian Infantry painted by the talented and thankfully prolific Neil Sheardown. Neil has painted many of the units in the garage including the Isembourgs seen in an earlier post. He's currently painting a Westphalian division and has completed another Russian foot battery, a French battalion and two battalions of Prussians which I'll be collecting next week. The flags are by GMB flags and in my opinion are the best there are by a country mile.

And lastly for this post, a glorious French command stand painted by Julian Waites using Perry miniatures. Julian has painted several of the command stands which grace the table though I think this is my favourite. He's currently painting a battalion of Cleve-Berg which he hopes to have finished for mid September. I'll post more pictures of the figures in later entries.


Dom said...

Please, please send the French Cuirassiers asap Neil...

Dom said...

Actually I didn't need them ;)