Sunday, 7 September 2008

15mm Napoleonic Game

Strangely enough considering that I embarked on this project to play 28mm games, we are currently playing a 15mm game based on the battle of Leipzig. As previously mentioned I used to play mostly at my friend Dom's place or less frequently at the WHC. Our games in Dom's garage were almost exclusively 15mm and we built up a sizeable collection of figures. Unfortunately Dom's situation changed and this avenue of pleasure became unavailable. The upside of this was an increased effort to get my own garage converted, a job that had been proceeding at a rather leisurely pace. Of course this left us with a large number of redundant 15mm Napoleonics along with various other periods and scales and so we have decided to have one last 15mm game before selling them all off on ebay or via private sales.
I'll post some pictures of the game as it progresses but I have to admit that having played exclusively using 28mm figures of late, the 15mm stuff takes some getting used to again.

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NeilB said...

have i done the sign up bit right?? i hope so....

Anyway Noel, looks good and i am very impressed with your new found PC and blog skills!!! you put the fool Foot's to shame :)

I also like the pics as they are, the wrap around makes it look like it is intentionally done i think and links the text to the picture - will be very useful whent he battle reports or specific unit stuff gets put up.

Anyway, if this hasn't worked i have jsut typed for nothing but fingers crossed i haven't messed anything up.