Friday, 6 January 2012

Bavarian Bash

As a sort of interlude within the campaign our latest scrap took place far to the South of the main action, between the small Bavarian army aided by a couple of friends, and the full might of the Holy Roman Empire.  As might be expected the Bavarians were outnumbered and on the defensive and were relying on the strategy of holding for long enough to damage the Austrians whilst ensuring the survival of enough of their force to remain a viable threat. 

Austrian grenadiers advance with the intention of doing harm.

In general terms the Bavarian plan was sound enough but withdrawing from a battle once in heavy contact is always difficult especially if things aren't going too well.  Dom kicked off the action for the Austrians by pushing his light cavalry forward on the extreme right.  This should have caused little problem for the Bavarians but unnacountably Andy, in command of the Bavarian left wing decided to withdraw the units on his left in the face of this perceived threat and Dom was able to push infantry and guns through the gap unmolested.

The main punch of the Austrian army, forty eight man infantry battalions which take a lot of stopping.

On the plus side for the Bavarians, their centre and left were only lightly engaged, with what few casualties there were being caused mostly by artillery fire.  However Andy now had to make the decision of whether to stand and fight or to pull his troops out before they became too heavily engaged.  Having decided to withdraw he turned his troops around and headed back to the relative safety of the hilly ground to his rear.  Dom's infantry were inevitably in close pursuit and were able to cause heavy casualties on the retiring battalions. 
    Having reached his destination Andy now decided to change his tactics and turned his troops around once more in an effort to engage the Austrians who now outnumbered his forces and who had also suffered far fewer casualties.

Far too many Grenz for comfort, ably assisted by sharpshooting Jaeger.

The result was pretty much a foregone conclusion, even though Dom was unable to throw anything above a six for his firing the Austrian volleys tore into the hapless Bavarians precipitating a cascade of routs as unit after unit of Bavarians turned and fled.  Eventually the whole left wing collapsed into a struggling mass of men, horses and guns and the order was given for the remainder of the army to withdraw. 
    Possibly the one saving grace for the Bavarians was that their centre was able to withdraw unmolested along with an almost untouched right wing though these had finally become embroiled in fighting as the Austrian advance continued. 

Duchy of Warsaw lancers painted by Dom who's done a particularly fine job on this unit which is the latest addition to the Garages' ranks.

So a pretty comprehensive victory for the Austrians, though it will remain to be seen whether they have done enough damage to the Bavarian forces to knock them out of the campaign.  If so they will be free to head Northwards to Berlin and join their allies in what might be the final push against Napoleon and his massed armies.

Another shot of Dom's lancers, figures by Front Rank with a battalion of Elite miniatures Vistula legion infantry in support.

That's all for this the first post of 2012, I think I can speak for all of the regulars at the Garage when I wish all of you a very happy New Year.  Many thanks for all the support which the blog receives and I really will do my best to make the posts a more regular event.
    I was asked about the Hesse-Darmstadt troops manufacturer, they are in fact from Elite miniatures and I believe they come from the Napoleon in Egypt range.


Rodger said...

Great report and wonderful photos Noel. Beautiful painting on the troops. Love it!!

Steve Gill said...

Thanks for the inspiring photos. Great to see that most photogenic of armies, the Austrians, portrayed to such good effect.

Rafael Pardo said...

Nice pictures. I agree with Steve than tha Austrian is the most photogenic army of the Napoleonic era. I love your Grenzer and Jagers!
Best regards

paulalba said...

Are the Bavarians in hiding?

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Great report and excellent looking troops as always! Happy 2012 to all the Garage Gang!

MurdocK said...

Love seeing the Vistula Legion in action!

Vasiliy Levashov said...

Excellent report! And by what rules you play?

Noel said...

Vasiliy, we use a set called "In the Grand Manner" which are designed for large scale games.

Gamer in Exile said...

Thanks for letting us know who makes those lovely Hesse-Darmstadt figures. Great post. I enjoy following your games.

I wonder if the white balance on the camera which takes these photos needs adjusting. Is the green of the table really that vivid? Also, some of the colour range seems a bit compressed.

I have to either let my camera know which lighting I'm working under or take a photo of a white sheet to "zero" the colour settings.