Friday, 8 April 2011

End of Round One

Our latest game came to a temporary close last night, no great surprise as there were only two turns until nightfall.  This has proved to be just a lull in the action however as we've already set up the table for day two.  Dom being one of the French players grudgingly admitted that the Allies have the upper hand after the first day and the new set up has the French forces bottled in to a position which curves back on the right where they face the Prussians.

Prussian infantry get to grips with the French right wing.

The casualties from the first day are carried over to day two which should be interesting.  Units which start the game with casualties can be very brittle and it's going to take a little bit of thought about where to put the remaining untouched units.  As yet there is little talk of reinforcements though the Allies are aware that a Russian corps is marching towards the battle.  Quite when it will arrive though will be subject to the strange system of reinforcement rolls which Dom has devised.

An idea of how heavy the fighting became for the central position.  The French managed to hold on until dark and the village in the centre now forms the main strongpoint of their position.

In order to give us a bit more room the terrrain boards have all been moved across by three feet and new terrain has been added behind the French position.  This should give us more room to manoeuvre though it does mean that initially we'll be fighting across the gap in the tables.  However we all seem to be getting used to that now so it shouldn't be too much of a headache.

Action on the French left.  A limited counter-attack carried out by the Poles in order to secure the terrain for the following day.

So the terrain is done for day two and we've got the troop tiles laid out ready for turn one next week.  With a bit of luck Neil will be along for the first time in ages which means the photos ought to improve and he might also have some news about the new campaign. 
     In addition to bringing posh biscuits Justin also brought along three very nice new command figures which he's painted.  I think they're the best stuff he's done yet and apparently he's got lots more in the pipeline.

French Carabinnier senior officer, Front Rank figures.

Prussian officer, I think this one is by Calpe.

No picture of the third figure I'm afraid, I couldn't get a shot of it that looked right so we'll have to wait for Neils mini Hubble to do it justice.


ljr70 said...

I always enjoy your updates. Your blog is an inspiration,thanks for sharing!

Ray Rousell said...

Fantastic post, looking forward to the next instalment!

Sgt Steiner said...

Truly drool-worthy stuff

Docsmith said...

Great shots of Justin's command figures Noel - they are beautifully painted. Nice to see the Poles get stuck in again too. Napoleon's ferrets - just point them at the nearest Russians!


Anonymous said...


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BFG said...

Great Stuff mate, the set up goes from strength to strength!

BFG said...

I love the look of the Carabinier Officer and the Prussian General. Very nice!

Monty said...

Very, very impressive...