Friday, 4 March 2011

As Neil Diamond once said, "Hello again, Hello".  The more astute reader may have noticed a slight period of inactivity here at the Garage of late.  I'd like to be able to say that I've been busy saving the world or showing Jennifer Aniston how to get over Brad Pitt, even a couple of months at Her Majesties pleasure would be preferable to admitting that I just got lazy.  The thing is the longer I left it the lazier I got, but that's now hopefully all in the past and without further ado it's time to tell you all about what's been going on here in the past few months. 
     Actually there hasn't been a great deal happening.  We still haven't started the new campaign yet as Neil who is running it hasn't been able to attend due to family commitments.  This is also the reason why the accompanying photographs in this entry aren't up to Neils' usual high standard.  We've had a couple of games in the intervening period which has allowed us to try out some rule modifications and at the moment are just into a new game devised by Dom which pits nearly all of our Prussians and Austrians against what appears to be a very small French force.

Austrians under the command of Eric advance in force against Doms' gun line.

Dom for those of you who don't know, runs a second world war megagame each year using thousands of little square things which are meant to be the various tanks and such like that second world war gamers like so much.  Clearly his megolomania has once again gripped him and the orbat for this game basically reads "clear the shelves of any troops you see and put them on the table".  Well to be more accurate those are the orders for the Allies.  The French orbat appears to be much more parsimonious, (I've always wanted to use that word).  It seems to consist of a thin line of French and Polish infantry backed up by some guns.  This is fine by me as I'm playing the Prussians.

 Some of the aforementioned Prussians, Elite cavalry and mostly Calpe infantry.

We're a bit shorthanded at the moment, as well as Neil being away Steve is working all the hours of the week and Andy has just recovered from man flu, so we're only up to turn six.  However we had a productive night last night and the Allied assault is well under way with the Prussians winning the early cavalry encounters.

 French infantry who presently appear to have little other option than to take what's coming.

One thing I have had the chance to do in the past few weeks is to pop along to the new Wargames Holiday Centre which has now been moved to a new site just outside Basingstoke.  I was lucky enough to get along to the inaugural weekend game which of course had to be Waterloo.  I didn't originally go along to play, just to lend a litttle moral support to Mark Freeth who is the new man at the helm.  However on the Sunday the guy playing the British right flank was unable to come along due to illness and I was coerced into taking on his command, or what was left of it.  Despite having three divisions of infantry and a cavalry division I discovered that Hougomont was held by just two battalions of Brunswickers and that all of the artillery on this flank had been lost.  Hougomont inevitably fell with hardly a shot fired, and from then on it was really just a case of trying to stem the tide of blue coated troops who gleefully raced around the flank. 

 More Calpe Prussians, advancing in column of march this time.

The game was adjudged a French victory but more importantly was a great success for Marks' first weekend  with paying customers.  Throughout the game there were website updates with a turn by turn description of the game.  I was surprised to find out how many people were actually following proceedings online.  Mark has lots of other games planned including WWII, ACW and even Marlburian, if you're interested I'll be sticking the link to the shiney new website on the end of this post.

Elite Prussian Landwehr advancing behind the line troops.

Finally as many of you will be aware Mike Ingham who took over the running of the  WHC from Peter Gilder many years ago, passed away on the 6th of February after a long illness.  Sadly he never got to see the new WHC but was instrumental in helping Mark set it up and was enormously enthusiastic about the whole project.  Mike was a kind, thoughtful, intelligent and funny man who I shall personally miss enormously, as I know will so many others both in the wargaming fraternity and in the wider world.  I was able to attend his funeral in Scarborough on the 14th  along with so many others who had been privelidged to know him and it was a fitting celebration of his life.  My thoughts are with Margeret his wife, and his family.

The website address for the new WHC is:


Stryker said...

Hi Noel - just to let you know that I have been missing your posts! I did however follow the WHC Waterloo game via the website updates which I really enjoyed. The mess-up with Hougomont was particularly enjoyable from my "arm chair" - sounds like a bit of a rotten command to take over mid game. Keep on posting!

PS Not sure if I believe the "lazy" excuse I think the Jennifer Aniston story sounds more likely...

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very impressive array of troops!


BFG said...

I got to tell you, those Landwehr look great mate, the flags really set them off!

Great stuff.

Dom said...

Good to see you finally updated your blog Noel. The flimsy line of French and Poles may have some friends soon! And I did show some restraint in leaving 4 btns of Prussians on the shelf.

Wonder what message the Russian ADC brings? Probably more troops for the Allies to balance up the game!