Sunday, 9 May 2010

Disaster at Hannau

Our latest game based loosely on the battle of Hannau came to a bit of an abrupt ending on thursday night, resulting in a French victory.  The over extended allied centre was punctured by a Young Guard division and a Line division leaving the Allies with no option other than to withdraw.

Not the best of photos but showing most of the game area.  In the foreground an Austrian Avant Garde division slowly forces back the two Old guard battalions covering the French left flank.  While in the centre The Young Guard attack the Wurtemburg infantry. 

Unfortunately for the allies it appears that their plan to defend the flanks using the Wurtemburgers as a central reserve played directly into the hands of the French.  The French plan was to use the Young Guard's superior movement and discipline to allow them to move quickly through the open woods where they would anchor the left of the French line allowing the division behind them to assault what we had perceived to be a sparsely manned centre.

Austrian Jaeger who bravely traded volleys with the Old Guard for much of the battle.

The French right was made up of two regiments of Guard cavalry whose job it was to tie down as much  Austrian infantry as possible in order to stop them reinforcing the centre. 

Young Guard softening up the Wurtemburg line with volley fire prior to charging.  In the background the assault columns of the resrve division move into position to take the centre.

It's always nice when a plan comes together and this time everything seemed to work out just right for the French.  The Young Guard slammed into the Wurtemburgers forcing half of them to quit the field and the attack in the centre drove back the exposed Austrian infantry.  A charge by the Guard Light cavalry at the same time forced an Austrian gun battery to rout back through their supporting infantry and it was all over for the Allies.

The French assault from a different angle.  Young Guard in the distance attacking the Allied infantry and artillery.  In the foreground the assault column forms up.

The Orbats for the game were as follows:

Wurtemburg Division
6 x 32 1st class Line
1 x 3 Gun 6lb Ft Bty
1 x 24 Lt Cav
12 Skirmishers

Avant Garde
1 x 36 Jaeger
1 x 36 Grenz
3 x 48 2nd class Line
1 x 3 Gun 6lb Ft Bty
2 x 24 Lt Cav
18 Rifle Skirmishers

Line Division
8 x 48 2nd class Line
4 x 36 2nd class Line
1 x 3 Gun 6lb Ft Bty
18 Skirmishers

Austrian Reserve
6 x 36 Vetreran
1 x 3 Gun 12lb Ft Bty
12 Skirmishers
1 x 24 Kurassier

Guard Division
2 x 36 Guard
6 x 32 Elite
1 x 3 Gun Ft Bty (Elite)

Guard Cavalry
1 x 32 Guard Heavy
1 x 24 Guard Light
1 x 2 Gun 6lb Hse Bty (Elite)

Line Division
4 x 36 1st class Line
4 x 36 2nd class line
1 x 3 Gun 6lb Ft Bty
12 Skirmishers

Line Division
2 x 36 Veteran
6 x 1st class Line
1 x 3 Gun 6lb Ft Bty
18 Skirmishers

"Guard Lights" move up to threaten the Austrian artillery.

I haven't had the chance to hear the other players ideas on the use of smaller batteries yet though think it made for a better game on this occasion.  We'll have to keep trying it to see if it works in other circumstances.  I'm also a big fan of dropping the -4 for cannister firing on single rank cavalry so we'll be trialling that out in the next game. 
Our next outing will hopefully be the start of a campaign in Northern Germany.  Each player will command his own army and will have set objectives to carry out.  I'll go more in to the detail of it in the next post but I'm looking forward to it as I've always preferred playing campaigns where the effects of battles are carried over, to just playing one off encounters.


Ravenfeeder said...

The Austrian Reserve division started off table and did not come on until it was all over, playing no part in the battle. This was a mistake on my part. I knew the French would beat the on-table forces and should have brought them on earlier.


Noel said...

Cheers Eric, I'd forgotten to mention the grenadiers.


Bunkermeister said...

Nice terrain.

Like the green grass a lot.

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