Friday, 15 January 2010

There were only three of us at the garage on thursday evening which pretty much precluded any gaming so we took the the time to set up the terrain boards for the final showdon in Erics' compelling saga.  This is actually no mean feat as the boards are heavy and numerous.  In addition we had to work in two extra boards which fit into the gap between the two tables.

The result as you can see above is to give us an extra eighteen square feet of table to play on.  I believe the idea is to have a central French position with the Allies attacking from all sides.  It should be interesting to say the least.

Moving on to some of the newer additions to the garage I took a few photos of the Russian cuirassier arm now that it's as complete as it's going to be for the foreseeable future.  These were all painted by Neil Sheardown who is currently working on several regiments of French and Russian light cavalry.  Neil has just bought a soldering iron and has decided to animate the individual squadrons which should look great.
From left to right these are, the Emperor, Gluchkov and the Empress.
The support element is made up of four regiments of  dragoons,

and a soon to be six gun horse battery. 

Not satisfied with painting lots of cavalry Neil has also produced a second battalion for the Pavlov's which I'm sure are most peoples favourite Russian infantry unit, as well as two more units of Prussian Landwehr       

Men in silly hats.

Yet more Landwehr.

There's no game next week as some of the guys are off playing WW2 games with tiny counters at Falmouth, a complete waste of time if you ask me, but no one ever does.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

That is one nice mega set-up you have there :)

Anonymous said...

Did I get this right-you have a garage full of, well, 25mm Napoleonic wargames "porn"...and they are off to play WW2....with COUNTERS!

Counters-gawd forbid...whatever next!


Docsmith said...

Just love your set-up - acres of beautifully rendered tables adorned with tons of beautifully painted metal - the way wargaming should be done IMO!

In fact I liked it so much I went back to your earliest posts to see how you built it. Simple and effective construction - its definitely the way to go.

As for those who forsook your tables to play WW2 with counters - bounders! Horse-whippings too good for 'em - so at least a -1 on each dice roll punishment for their next game! [grin]


Ravenfeeder said...

When Noel says 'counters' he means 6mm, also known as 'stamps' after the standardised 30mm bases.

Since it's the only non-Napoleonic gaming we get currently, once a year doesn't seem bad.

Have fun

Noel said...

I'm popping down to Falmouth today and I'll get a few shots to put on the blog. It'll give people an idea of te WW2 games. To be fair the people who turn up each year seem to enjoy it, then again some people like line dancing.


BFG said...

Ooops I didn't mean to shout that!

Lovely table mate, what a fantastic setup!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

The size and scope of your battles is very impressive!