Saturday, 13 June 2009

Campaign Map

I had a request from Ian to get a picture of our campaign map on to the blog, and in fact I'd already promised to do just that in an earlier post. So here it is, I'm not sure which game it's from but it covers the sort of area we need perfectly. The start points for the Allies were Dresden, Torgau and Wittenberg and for the French, Chemnitz, Leipzig and Koethen. The full map is actually slightly larger than this but we've decided to go for this area in the initial campaign.
As I've stressed before this is purely a first attempt to allow us to try a few things out so that we can develop a more finished article. All movement is on roads and a maximum of two infantry divisions may end a turn in the same hex. Controlling towns and cities provides resupply points which allow players to purchase replacement troops.
At the moment movement is done on a you go I go basis but I think we'll be moving to a system whereby players submit their turns prior to any movement. The main idea initially is to keep down the amount of paperwork for both the players and the umpires but I think inevitably the whole thing will eventually become more complicated. This is fine as long as everyone plays their part but we've learned from past experience that it only takes one player being tardy to screw it up.
So far we've had one battle, Plauen, which was an Austrian victory. It actually took place at a wooded crossroads about 5 hexes west south west of Plauen but I followed the convention of naming it after the nearest town. When I work out how to do it I'll put some coloured arrows on the map to make it easier but for the time being you'll have to put up with my dodgy sense of direction.


Stryker said...

Thanks for the map Noel - makes it even more interesting for those of us viewing from the comfort of an armchair!


rf2peter said...

I've been following your blog with interest. Nice terrain, loads of beautiful figures. Very inspiring. By the way, the map is from the game "Struggle of Nations" by The Avalon Hill Gaming Company (says so on the map...)


Noel said...

Many thanks for the encouragement Peter, I really should learn to pay more attention. You can actually see the name of the game without even having to expand the map.


Ravenfeeder said...

I really like the picture in this one, showing the assault division coming in sight of its prey.

And looking beautiful whilst they did it.