Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Seeing the detail!!

OK the first problem I have looking at a black undercoated figure is that I can’t see all the detail. I thought about this a bit and looked at the figures I had already painted and realised that I had a solution.

When I paint items such as Shako’s and boots and anything else that would appear black I paint them black and then dry brush them white to show the highlights and give them a bit of depth. Looking at these areas on finished figures I realised that I could see the detail... so rather than finishing the figure with a dry brush of white I undercoated them black and then dry brushed them.

Bobs your aunt, I could see the detail... I had also completed the black sections of the figure.

The figures I’m painting for Noel at the moment are Cleve-Berg and they do lend themselves to this technique as they have white jackets and trousers but I’m sure I can use it again with different uniforms.

I have sinced tried it with a blue great coat and a green jacket and it seems fine.

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