Friday, 16 January 2009


OK well apart from varnishing the figures which I really, really hate doing and a few little bits, like the shako rosette thingies which I have forgotten to do... thats it!

I have tried to take a few better pictures as the last lot seemed to have been TANGO'd.

I have a few more batallions to do now and I hope that using my new black undercoat I can get them dont slightly faster than previously. Then I'm going to have a go at some cavalry so watch this space...


Robert said...

Splendid work! They really look the business, and the bases complement them nicely.

It was interesting to see them progress through all the posts.

Hope they live up to their appearance on the tabletop!

Truegrit said...

hi m8

Actually I think they look better on the table top, they look a little bright in the images but you lose that when you are wargaming with them...

Im actually quite looking forward to doing some cavalry now and possibly some conversions!

BFG said...


I have to say that I didn't believe that you could get better and having seen these before the basing was applied they looked to be up to your usual high standards...however, seeing them finished I have to say that it was worth the wait!!
They are very good indeed.

Now he's thinking of converting I have a premonition that your collection will be the envy of the civilised world Noel!

Keep it up Grit...