Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Breaking down the process

Right, I have missed something VERY important... PLEASE, please, please if you are going to spend any time painting a figure; for god sake clean it first. It’s so disappointing to see a beautifully painted figure only to find it has a cast line or extra piece of flash on the side of its head... it’s not meant to be there REMOVE IT! OK rant over.

So I find that breaking down the process of painting in to stages helps me, my three stages are; Prep, Colours and Detail. We have been over Prep, this is cleaning the figures and then undercoating them. The next stage is adding colours, the base colours of the uniform. Once you have worked out what colours you are going to use and where they are going on the figure this stage is quite easy and to be honest boring!

There is usually a logical order to how you should lay down the colours and by painting a few figures first you can usually work this out. For the Cleve-Berg the colours went on like this; white [jackets & trousers], pale blue [collars & cuffs ], flesh, brown [backpack & musket], gunmetal [swords & muskets], Gold [gold stuff], red [officers], dark blue and bleached linen.

Now at this stage you don’t have to be ultra careful, follow the detail as much as you can but you are not looking to create the finished article, you are trying to get the base colours down. Make sure you save time, for instance don’t get another colour out for hair etc, just use the colours you have.

Above you can see each colour as it was painted step by step. At this stage the colours are all a bit in your face but in the next stage, my favourite, we will be adding the detail and softening everything up a bit.


Neil B said...

well i am thoroughly enjoying it so far if no-one else is and it is making me want to have another go - i gave up after 3 figures last time - but the last few figures look pretty close to being good enough for the table to me!!! :)

anyway, the reason for this comment is to ask if you 'batch' paint in 3's or 6's or if you do the whole 36 at once for each stage.....

Happy New Year to you, Neil

Truegrit said...

I do them in 6's m8 as I find it less mind numbing... It also makes things look a little less uniform as well because you tend to paint each 6 a little different.

This is definately easier than the way I used to paint.

Cheers for the comment, I'm actually enjoying the blogging so will be posting some more very soon.

The next bit is "Adding the detail" which is th ebit I really like and its were you can add a bit of personality to the figures.